So I was watching ANTM last night and one of the male contestants was talking about how he likes black girls, but only light skinned ones. Why are some guys stupid enough to actually say things like that? On national television, no less. I’m actually glad he said that so black girls can avoid him. Those are the kinds of white guys to avoid. -__-
It was pretty funny when Miss Jay pretended to be him walking into the room. Lol. He walks as if he has a stick up his ass. That’s not swagger. It’s just foolish. Haha.

I like seeing cute couples but I hate the fact that they inevitably remind me of how alone I am. I am sad. I wish I could just go back to being aloof and uncaring. :(

I think I dreamt that I had a boyfriend and we were cuddling and I was so happy.

I always wish I had a boyfriend at night…*sigh*